SongCheng Mystic Tree Show

Mapping  +   Show  +   Amusement Parks

Songcheng, one of the ten biggest theme park groups in the world, asked Moment Factory to design a multimedia attraction that will put their park in Hangzhou at the forefront of the entertainment world. I had the pleasure to be the lead motion designer for these mapping show on a millenary tree.

360 Mapping around the trunk and a challenging frontal mapping on the canopy.

It was a technical challenge to produce this 360 mapping show on the trunk of the tree. I brainstormed ideas with other team members to come up with a template that could solve the problem of the trunk-based 360 projection and at the same time to be able to bring a working canvas for the motion designers and animator which could be used to work. I was also responsible for bringing coherence within the aesthetics and consistency of the animation part of the project.