Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala

Mapping  +   Show  +   Amusement Parks

My role was to connect all motion artists to ensure we were addressing the same vision, provided by the director.

It was probably the most challenging project I lead given the pressure, the fast turn-around, and also the high number of motion and 3D artists involved.

The Telegraph
... there was magic in the air as the massive castle lit up, and the front of it turned into a Cinderella pumpkin carriage.

Disney wanted to celebrate with an incredible opening ceremony for its new theme park in Shanghai. We created a 35min mapping animation over the biggest Disney castle ever built. Beautiful visuals and storytelling were made to fusion Chinese culture with Disney magic lights and colors.

I created a reference castle in 3D as a basis to start with. Now, all the artists would be on the same page and could work simultaneously. The castle was being updated all the time. The real castle was built just two weeks before the show!