Hello, I'm a 3D motion designer from Barcelona, Catalunya, and I have more than 10 years of experience making things move.
  • Name: Joan Masoliver
  • Date of birth: 25 Feb 1986
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Email: hola@joanmasoliver.com

The flux is the strength

Follow the flux - Follow the motion
I'm am looking for new challenges and to expand my vision within the industry. I want to create an impact in my work.

I have been featured and interview in the following places: onedotzero.com, 404festival.com, vimeo.com, dotmogo.org, motionfestivalcyprus.com, motionserved.com, behance.com and more…

Cinema 4D

The holy grail of creation

After Effects

Can not live without it


When nobody gives me what I want…


I use a bunch of other software, but not as intensely as the previous ones.


I'm a good person

Yes, a good person. I have a good heart and I want to create a better world (yes, my heart beats, but I was talking metaphorically).


I have patience

There is little I can not stand… thought, internally I hate many many things.. I just never say it.


I solve problems

I don’t get to nervous when I don’t know a solution or when I feel lost. I just want to find a solution.


I am pragmatic

Sounds like I’m pregnant… so yes, I just go directly to what it needs to be done.

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